Drive your employees' growth

Every individual has an immense potential.

Empower your workforce to pursue it.

Wellmee is here to help uncover your employees' talents, and enable them to their fullest capacity.   

Why it matters

In 2020 workplace dynamics changed forever. Be the leader to manage that change successfully.

Work-life balance, or staying alive at work? 

We work from home, the office, at a meeting, before we sleep and after we wake up. Our jobs preoccupy our minds, and lives, more than we care to admit.

Ride the wave of change that's coming your way. Work with Wellmee to nourish your company culture, which actively engages its employees, sparks their initiative and broadens their horizons.

This world is a mess, or is it? 

We live in a world of endless opportunities. How do you ever capture who you are, and where do you search for self-fulfillmentNothing except yourself, your anxiety, and doubt can stop you.

Wellmee combines the scientific knowledge of the human brain, together with the demands of applied workplace settings, to bring you a relatable, relevant and a simple navigation guide to the contemporary world. 

Happier people are more productive!

Without having the right skills to apply your potential in real-life settings, talents and efforts often go in vain. Research says that the costs of disengaged workers represent 34% of their salaries. Yet, it also demonstrates that the solution lies in engaging the workforce, which significantly boosts their productivity and creativity.

That's why Wellmee helps companies mitigate this issue with our app, where people discover their talents, as well as learn the skills needed to harness their full potential. 

Our approach

Simple, Relatable, Relevant and Fun.

In general, people can feel well. It's dependant on their perspective and mindset. 

Wellmee helps them gain the tools they need for such shift.

Why choose us

"One of the TOP 10 Employee Wellness providers in Europe 2020" 
(HR Tech Outlook magazine)


We don't want talents to be wasted. We help people grow through a guided self-improvement journey.

Sounds boring?

That's why we chose to do it unconventionally by using games, jokes and sometimes being brutally honest.


We value honesty, and hate bullshit. We go by being hands-on and reality-based.

How do we go about it?

We don't waste time on lengthy texts and cut to the point with the most important workplace skill set. 

Scientifically Based

With the knowledge of psychology, management and computing we bring research to work life.

How do we ensure it works?

We always introduce the theory first and then help you implement it in real life scenarios.


We work for various people and industries. But we know that like humans, every company is unique.

How do we tackle this?

We are ready to collaborate with you to tailor our platform to your company's specific needs and culture.

About Us

Wellmee was founded in 2018 by enthusiasts whose passion is to help people explore their true potential. Thus, we embarked on a mission to help people find and appreciate themselves and fully apply their skills. Soon we gained more than 1000 users all around the globe, and this number only kept growing.

With that amount of interest, we wanted to scale as well and tackle the issue more robustly, in its core and on a broader scale.  That's why we decided to team up with entire companies to help people with talent and self-actualization right where they feel it the most - their job.

 We believe that unfulfilling jobs are a thing of the past. Work with us to unlock the abilities your employees have.

Who we work with

Our Team

Our People are at the Heart of Our Company


Founder & CEO

15 years experience in Product and Project management


Product Manager

A BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Cognitive science showed her the way to help people. WellMee gave her the opportunity to do so.



Experienced in SW development with the focus on iOS system.


Content Strategist

With the educational background in Psychology and Human resource management the main focus in Wellmee is on content creation and strategy. 

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