wellmee allows online holistic services to anyone, anywhere at anytime.

About us

Our diverse, vetted practitioners offer a range of resources allowing our community to embark on a meaningful journey of self-love and universal discovery. We elevate healers whom our community might not encounter on their own journeys. Our team believes that our actions create a more informed and equal world. We are constantly championing the next evolution of holistic wellness and how it can be delivered.

The Hive Collective

We have established the wellmee ‘Hive Collective’ that continually assesses our curated network, collaborating insight and community feedback in establishing peer-guided standards and leadership. Our commitment goes beyond the norm: At wellmee we empower practitioners, incorporating their views into how we are governed and, to a chosen few, we offer a share in our success. In addition, we draw in the strength of others by partnering with holistic health organizations globally ensuring we are industry-recognized.

We want to inspire practitioners and our community, fostering a new generation of wellness experts. We're changing the face of holistic wellness, together.

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